Rabbit shows!

Hi everyone!

I am very excited for February. PaSRBA is in February. PaSRBA stands for Pennsylvania state rabbit breeders association. This is only open to Pennsylvania residents. Also if you want a rabbit I am selling a black girl rabbit, the breed of rabbit is Polish. If you are interested just comment below. 🙂 Thank you!


Fur & Feathers

Hi! Today is our 4-H meeting. My 4-H group is called Fur & Feathers. If you are looking for a 4-H group in Harrisburg, This is a great group. We play games, talk about animals, go on trips, and so much more. We have a great time. If you are new in our group everyone will be super kind. That is a promise I can keep. Our 4-H leader’s name is Lori. 4-H stands for the 4 h’s, HEAD, HEART, HANDS, and HEALTH. The 4-H pledge is I pledge my HEAD to clearer thinking, my HEART to greater loyalty, my HANDS to larger service, and my HEALTH to better living, for my club, my community, my country, and my world.

Hello and welcome to Ayanna’s Ark blog!

Welcome to Ayanna’s Ark. I am Ayanna Jackson and I am 11-years-old. This is my first blog! Ayanna’s Ark is the name of my rabbitry. I breed and sell Polish rabbits. However I also have cavies (guinea pigs), Jersey wooly (rabbit), a cat, and a fish. That’s why I named my rabbitry Ayanna’s Ark.

On this blog I plan to write about my experiences with my animals, some 4-H activities, and anything that seems fun, like rabbit shows.

Last week was the 2015 Farm Show here in my home state of Pennsylvania. It is like a big country fair inside a building. At Farm Show my friends, the Bell family, were in the square dancing competition and did very well. They all received blue ribbons. For the first time ever I watched the Rodeo. The bull riding scared me a little though. I am very excited because an apron I made won 1st prize. I didn’t use a pattern but I did use measurements I found on the internet. To me that was very difficult so it was even more exciting to win. My toffee also won first prize in the candy contest.

Great job to my friends who did the sheep to shawl competition. Also to everyone who did well with rabbits, cavies, and all other things they did.

Please take a trip back to Ayanna’s Ark and see if I have rabbits for sale or learn about upcoming rabbit shows.